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Berkshire is known as 'Royal Berkshire' and has many famous landmarks including Windsor Castle, Eton College and the world-famous Ascot racecourse. It comprises of the Thames and Kennet valleys and the Berkshire Downs. Berkshire began life in the mid-7th century when a kinsman of Cenwalh, King of Wessex, received from his royal relative a large tract of land roughly approximating to the north and western parts of the county. As a local name, Berkshire first appeared two centuries later, when the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle recorded events for the troubled year of AD 860. For over a thousand years, Berkshire has remained more or less within the boundaries it possessed in the time of the Saxon kings.


Surrey is an inland county, bounded on the north west by Berkshire, on the north by Buckinghamshire and Middlesex, on the east by Kent, on. the south by Sussex, and on the west by Hampshire. Its boundary along all the north is the river Thames. Its greatest length from northeast to southwest is 37 miles, its greatest breadth is 27 miles, and its circuit is about 145 miles. The area of the ancient county was 485,128 acres, but several parishes are now included in the county of London, and the area of the present administrative county is 461,230 acres

Windsor Castle . Windsor

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