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Cheshire is bounded on the north by Warrington, Halton, Merseyside, and Greater Manchester and on the east by Derbyshire and Staffordshire. To the south lies the County of Shropshire and on the west it is bounded by Wrexham and Flintshire in Wales.

Cheshire lies on a predominantly fertile plain, with the Pennines in the east. Its highest point is Black Hill at 1,908 feet above sea level. Its rivers include the River Mersey, the River Dee and the River Weaver. It has a major sandstone ridge running south through the centre of the county. The Delamere Forest is its only major woodland. The land is rich in salt which is still mined today as it has been since Roman times. There are also former copper workings at Alderley Edge which were also in use since Roman times until the ore ran out in the 1920s.

Cheshire was a wealthy county in the 19th century. It is estimated that there are more more fine 18th and 19th century country houses in Cheshire than any other English county

Chester is a 2000 year old city, with its encircling walls, is a good base from which to tour the Wirral Peninsular and North Wales. As the county town of Cheshire, it is often regarded as Britain's most outstanding "black and white" city, on account of the large number of half-timbered medieval buildings which survive in its centre. Of these, perhaps its unique 13th century "Rows", half-timbered galleried shops on two levels, are the most distinctive examples.

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