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The FHS of Martin
founded in 1980
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December 1999


The Family History Society of Martin was founded, in England, in 1980, by the late Lionel Nex and developed membership throughout the British Isles, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States of America. The Society in the UK has since developed to charitable status and membership is open to all persons and institutions interested in the family history of MARTIN (and all variations); who subscribe to the aims and objects of the Society.,

The Aims and Objects of the Society include:

  1. To encourage and assist where possible the tracing private study and research of all genealogical and historical data associated with the families called Martin.

  2. To encourage the preservation of all antiquities associated with the name of Martin.

  3. To promote contact and communication between members of this society who have like interests.

  4. To encourage international communication between persons and groups with like interests.

The benefits of joining the Society include:

  1. The Society has Area Representatives, particularly in the British Isles. Members knowledgeable in the resources available within their areas and, willing to guide (introduce, suggest...) members to those resources and/or alternative avenues of research.

  2. Publication of members detailed interests, both in a standalone booklet, and updated through the journal.

  3. Inclusion here on the Society Web Page.

  4. Opportunities to participate in the running of the Society e.g. Area Rep's, Committee Members.etc..

  5. Opportunities to share in the extensive Martin archives accumulated by the Society and/or its members, and preferential purchase of Society CD's of archive material If and when it's available.

Today, there is a world-wide interest in genealogy. This interest is shared by those researching the name Martin and its variations. No matter where your Martin family originated - in the British Isles, or elsewhere - nor when or where you or your forebears landed in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United States of America, - Those circumstances all contribute to our heritage.

An enormous amount of written material, all concerning a wide variety of so much that is relevant to the Martin families, is held in national, county, state, and provincial record repositories throughout the British Isles and elsewhere. Much remains to be uncovered or re-discovered. The UK Family History Society of Martin provides a link through which much assistance can be given and received.

Member of the GOONS (Guild of One Name Studies)

Member of the Federation of Family History Societies

Member of the Council of Family History Societies

Registered Charity no. 1075811 in England and Wales

The UK Family History Society of Martin. Please report any errors or problems with these pages to the Webmaster.