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If you have just surfed on to these pages they are presented for your research at no cost to you; they are paid for by the members of the "Family History Society of MARTIN" but what do the members get for their subscription?

Together with other benefits the Society publishes a quarterly journal Delichon Urbica (The House Martin) which provides a regular communication link between members and a wealth of research source information, details of Member's Interests and research enquiries.

Just to show you what you are missing by not joining the Society, please take a look at the contents of some of the previous Journals. Note: the following titles can only give you a glimpse as to what is in each issue!

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January 1996   Society Addresses   NZ High Court
Vol. 6 - 5   Page one Notes   John Bassett Martin
    New Zealand, Martin Births, 1910-1911   Oswyn Murray Collection - Devon Wills pre 1800
    Members and their Interests   First Dunedin Cemetary, New Zealand
    Updates of Interests   Northumberland & Durham yeomanary
    Changes to the Members Register   Help with New Zealand Registers
    First Honorary Life Member   Boyds Marriage Index, Cornwall 1613-1627
    Third International McJannett Gathering   Victoria Police Gazette
    Portsmouth Gathering Report   Victorian Electorial Roll 1908
    Extracts from NSW Government Gazette   Newzette
    "Martin Minutes" Launched   Contents
    Descendants of Thomas Martin & Alice Parkinson    
April 1996   Society Addresses   1851 Census, Middlesex, New Brentford, Chiswick & Acton
Vol. 6 - 6   Page one Notes   Early settlers in New Zealand, Dunedin 1848-1865
    New Zealand, Martin Births, 1912   Early Settlers in Auckland, New Zealand
    Bankrupts, England 1774-1786   New Zealand, Canterbury Militia List 1860-1861
    Members and their Interests   Items from the New Zealand Gazette 1863
    Updates of Interests   Extracts from NSW Government Gazette
    "Martin Minutes"   Victoria Police Gazette 1860-1861
    Devon Extracts   Boyd's Marriage Index, Cornwall 1627-1645
    AFFHO Has gone west   1841 Census, Derbyshire, Derby, St Alkmund
    The British Isles Genealogical Register 1997   1841 Census, Middlesex, Hammersmith, St Paul
    St Leonards Shoreditch, Middlesex. Baptisms 1771-87   1841 Census, Middlesex, Brompton, Kensington & Ealing
    Mr Robert W Martin   1841 Census, Cambridge, Sawaton
    Shepshed Cemetary, Leicestershire, Martin Burials 1876-1939   A Collection of Martins
    Feet of Fines, London & Middlesex 1189-1485   Newzette
    A Martin Family of Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland   Contents
    Richard Tuckfield Martin, 1849    
July 1996   Page one Notes   Early Setlers in New Zealand - Otago & Southland 1872-1883
Vol.6 - 7   Victorian Electorial Roll, 1908 Australia   Extracts from NSW Government Gazette 1887-1888
    Members and their Interests   Index to Old Age Pension applications, Queensland 1908-9
    Updates of Interests   Story of the Clans - The Martins
    Changes to the Members Register   1884 Pettition on Desertion, Zew Zealand
    Can you help?   1861 Census, Kent, Gillingham, Chatham
    Family Origin Name Survey   Boyd's Marriage Index, Cornwall 1644-1665
    St Leonards Shoreditch, Middlesex, Baptisms 1787-1800   Norham, Northumberland, Presbyterian Register extracts 1753-1854
    1851 Census, Kent, Tonbridge & Tudely   British Isles, FFHS Big Register 1997, Reminder
    1851 Census, Middlesex Shoreditch, St Leonards   Martin Minutes
    Revolutionary War Pension applications   Martin Home Page, Under Construction
    Warrickshire, Wolvey - Baptisms 1761-1821   A Collection of Martins
    Kircudbrightshire, Kirkbean - Baptisms 1724-1820   Newzette
    Kircudbrightshire, Kirkbean - varoius parish records   Contents
Oct. 1996   Page one Notes   Somerset, Martin Wills 1575-1680
Vol. 6 - 8   Victorian Electorial Roll, 1908 Australia   Extracts from NSW Government Gazette, 1888
    Members and their Interests   Irish Passenger Lists 1803 - 1806, Extracts
    Updates of Interests   Faulkner's Dublin Journal 1765, Extracts
    Changes to the Members Register   Ireland, Memorials for the Dead, Extracts.
    Sussex by the Sea   Irish Roman Catholic Registers, Extracts
    Family History Fair   1851 Census, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, Extracts
    St Leonards Shoreditch, Middlesex, Baptisms 1800-1813   Australia, Victoria Police Gazette, Extracts 1861-64
    1861 Census, Kent, Gillingham   Boyds Marriage Index, Cornwall 1665-1680
    Leigh, Kent, Baptisms 1801-1875   New Zealand Police Gazette, Extracts 1877-1879
    Leigh, Kent, Male Marriages 1754-1875   A Collection of Martins
    Tragedy at Port Arthur, 1858   Newzette
    Ontario, Canada, Census Extracts 1871   Contents
    Chew Magna, Somerset, Church Records 1661-1899    
January 1997   Page one Notes   New Zealand Post & Telegraph Staff 1869-1895
Vol. 6 - 9   1861 Census, Kent, Gillingham   1851 Census, Middlesex, Shoreditch, St Leonards
    1861 Census, Nottinghamshire, Southwell   1851 Census, Middlesex, St Pancras
    Members and their Interests   1851 Census, Derbyshire, North Wingfield
    Updates of Interests   1851 Census, Wiltshire, Corsham
    Changes to the Members Register   "Rail Fettler Killed"
    Boyds Marriage Index, Cornwall 1680-1695   Warrickshire Directory 1830, England
    Richard Martin 1797-1878   Cornwall, Gwennap Transcripts 1832-1845
    1851 Census, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, extracts.   Ireland, Memorials for the Dead, Extracts
    Gravestone Transcriptions, Moonta Cemetary, South Australia   Extracts from the NSW Government Gazette 1888
    Register Extracts, Bishop Sutton, Somerset 1871-1937   1996 Gathering of Martins - UK Branch
    Register Extracts, Chelwood 1770-1729   Devizes, Wiltshire, England, Workhouse Deaths 1866-1902
    Register Extracts, Corston, Somerset 1642-1789   Newzette
    New Zealand Police Gazette 1879-1881   Contents
April 1997   Page one Notes   Boyds Marriage Index, Cornwall 1695-1708
Vol.6 - 10   Tilton-on-the-Hill, Parish Registers, Leicestershire   Kircudbright Monumental Inscriptions, Scotland
    Members and their Interests   1861 Census, Southwell, Nottingham
    Updates of Interests   1861 Census, Sevenoaks, Kent
    Changes to the Members Register   1861 Census, Speldhurst, Kent
    1851 Census, Corsham, Wiltshire   Boyds Marriage Index part London & Middlesex 1801-1815
    1851 Census, Sawston, Norfolk   Victoria, Australia - Argus Index 1846-1860
    1851 Census, Norwich, Norfolk   Newzette
    New Zealand, Dunedin - Pupils attending School   Contents
July 1997   Page one Notes   1851 Census, M'sex, South Hackney
Vol. 6 - 11   New Zealand, Dunedin - Pupils attending School   1851 Census, M'sex, Aldersgate, Shoreditch, St Leonards
    Members and their Interests   Filling in the Gaps
    Updates of Interests and Enquiries   Some Early Victorian Settlers
    Changes to the Members Register   Boyds Marriage Index part London & Middlesex 1816-1825
    Who's Who, 1937   1861 Census, Kent, Sevenoaks
    Society Notes   Boyds Marriage Index, Cornwall 1708-1720
    Charters Towers, Queensland, Burials 1878-1906   Landing of Boyle Martin, 1863
    John Martin, Her Majesty's Coastguard, 1802-1874   A Collection of Martins
    Kircudbright Monumental Inscriptions, Scotland   Australia, Victoria Police Gazette 1864-1866
    Apprentices named Martin 1692-1823   Newzette
    1851 Census, Norfolk, Norwich   Contents
    1851 Census, M'sex, St Pancras, Kentish Town    
Oct. 1997   Page one Notes   1861 Census - Canterbury, St Margaret, England
Vol. 6 - 12   New Zealand, Dunedin - Pupils attending School   1861 Census - Canterbury, St Peter, England
    Members and their Interests   1861 Census - Middlesex, Old St Pancras
    Updates of Interests & Enquiries   Boyds Marriage Index part London & Middlesex 1825-1833
    Who's who 1937   A Collection of Martins
    Boyds Marriage Index, Cornwall 1720-1731   Apprentices named Martin, 1783-1884
    John Martin 1877-1960   Australia, Victoria Police Gazette 1866-1869
    Kircudbright Monumental Inscriptions, Scotland   Newzette
    1861 Census - Sevenoaks, Kent, England   Contents
    1861 Census - Chislett, Kent, England    

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